How to stop a cat from spraying on a rug

If you have taken the time to successfully litter a cat and he or she sprays sometimes on the mat, that is a cause for concern. According to, cats do not spray on the carpet by sheer malice; They do it because something is wrong. The cat is either having medical problems, feeling stressed or marking their territory. There are a few things you can do on how to stop a cat from spraying on the rug.

• Clean contaminated areas with cleaner enzyme base cover and not a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners only managed to make the urine wet, then push it down the carpet where it still be perceived by the cat. Urine enzyme-based cleaners eliminate urine and eliminate odor. If the odor has disappeared, the cat is less likely to urinate outside the small box.

• Take your cat to the vet and describe the problems you encounter. Your cat may be spraying on the mat because of a urinary tract infection or some other medical condition. The veterinarian can help reduce or eliminate the problem of urination in treatment of the disease.

• Buy extra bedding: If you have multiple cats, so that each cat has its own litter box. Cats are very territorial, and sometimes the problem may arise from having to share a littler box.

• Place the cat in the litter each time they urinate outside of it and offer a positive reinforcement like caress and the kind of words while the cat is in the box. Cats don’t respond to force or scream. They do not respond to a positive reinforcement and over time, they can associate the litter which makes you happy and this can prevent inappropriate disposal.

• Clean litters every day to encourage your cat to use them. Cats can be very particular about where they urinate, and if they do not feel that the conditions are clean enough in the litter, they will find another place that they feel is appropriate.

Be patient and follow these steps every day until the cat stops spraying on the mat. The behavior will not change overnight, but if you stay with this program it will eventually.

Do not use tactics like a water pistol or swatting the cat when they urinate. Cats have short memory and when you are not present, they will not forget why they were punished. You need better ideas on how to stop a cat from spraying on the rug.